SMR CONSULTING TRADE S. DE R.L. DE C.V. (hereinafter SMR CONSULTING & TRADE) with address at Cordillera de los Alpes Norte #111, Jardines de la Concepción, Zip Code 20120, Aguascalientes, Aguascalientes; recognizes the importance of the correct and controlled treatment of your personal data, that is why for your protection and in compliance with the provisions of the Federal Law for the Protection of Personal Data in Protection of Individuals (hereinafter Law) this Privacy Notice is made available to you.


SMR CONSULTING & TRADE, assumes responsibility for the use and processing of your personal data.



  • Clients: As a foreign trade and customs consultancy SMR CONSULTING & TRADE advice on foreign trade matters; conducting origin analysis, support in the preparation and issuance of certificates of origin, assistance in obtaining the various programs for the promotion of foreign trade and for compliance with the obligations of each program; advice for obtaining certification in VAT & IEPS as well as to be Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) and for compliance with certification obligations; customs management services; conducting preventive audits, as well as other related. In order to comply with the above, the collection of various documents and personal data will be carried out, either personally or by any other means, both identification, fiscal and/or financial, as well as any other necessary data.

  • Suppliers: SMR CONSULTING & TRADE seeks to select, evaluate and / or hire those services that best suit your needs, by virtue of this, personal data that is necessary may be collected. 

  • Employees, interns and applicants: Personal, sensitive, patrimonial or financial data collected through you, either personally or by any other means, will be used to verify and confirm your identity, as well as to manage and operate human resources processes within the company, for internal control, to form labor, internship and/or medical files as well as to comply with the provisions set forth by the laws governing labor relations.



The information collected will be by virtue of the relationship with SMR CONSULTING & TRADE, for the purposes of this will be considered:

  • Clients: In order to provide you with our services, SMR CONSULTING & TRADE may collect from you your name, address (including fiscal address), nationality, Tax ID, bank details, e-mail, telephone number (mobile and/or landline), as well as any other data that, by nature of the services provided, is essential to obtain. In the case of a legal entity, in addition to the above, the company name or corporate name, incorporation data, registration and partners, as well as the name and Tax ID of its legal representatives or attorneys-in-fact.


       The above applies to both clients and prospects.


  • Suppliers: In order to guarantee an excellent service, SMR CONSULTING & TRADE informs you that we may collect your address, Tax ID, bank details, e-mail, contact telephone number, as well as any other correlative data.

  • Employees, interns and applicants: By virtue of your employment relationship with SMR CONSULTING & TRADE, sensitive personal, patrimonial or financial data, such as your name, address, date of birth, Social Security number, Tax ID, Unique Population Registry Code (CURP), bank details, contact number (mobile and/or landline), email, emergency contacts, curriculum vitae, medical history, as well as any other correlative data will be collected from you in an enunciative but not limitative manner. 


Your personal data will only be processed by the Responsible as well as its assigned personnel, in order to comply with the purposes mentioned above and will not be transferred to any third party.

The only exception to the above, where your data may be transferred and shared will be in accordance with the provisions of Article 37 of the Law, so you agree that SMR CONSULTING & TRADE may share your information with competent administrative, tax, judicial, labor, social security authorities, as well as with universities, accountants, lawyers, notaries, customs agents and related professionals, all with the sole purpose of providing efficient and adequate services already mentioned.

In case you do not consent to the transfer of your personal data, you may communicate at any time with the Responsible at the contact indicated in this Notice. It will be understood that in the absence of opposition to the transfer of your data you consent to it.



SMR CONSULTING & TRADE is committed to safeguard efficiently and in accordance with its security policies all information and data provided by its clients, partners, suppliers, employees, interns and applicants, freely and voluntarily. Thus, all information that has been made available to our professionals, workers and/or collaborators will be duly stored in our systems, which will be of restricted access and can only be accessed by authorized and trained personnel.



You may limit the use and disclosure of your personal data by contacting the contact person indicated in this Notice.


The Access, Ratification, Cancellation and Opposition of your personal data, as well as the revocation of consent, may be made by submitting a written request to the contact indicated in this Notice.


SMR CONSULTING & TRADE reserves the right to make changes, modifications and/or updates to this Privacy Notice at any time, in order to comply with the applicable legal provisions as well as the activities that the Responsible Party performs and the services it offers. Any change may be consulted at


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